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Louis L. Ventura, Ph.D., from Rio de Janeiro, is a globally recognized researcher and lecturer with degrees in economics, education, and management. 


With over 30 years in strategy, finance, and operations, Dr. Ventura has led organizations in executive roles across varied businesses and founded multiple techdriven companies. He's the CEO of Saphira & Ventura (SVx), and president of The New York International Contemporary Art Society (NYICAS).


Author of notable works like "The Virtual Code" and "Self Organizing Systems", he specializes in strategies for virtual learning and work environments. Currently based in New York, Dr. Ventura heads an arts and sustainable economy cultural organization.


Dr. Ventura is at the forefront of revolutionizing the arts sector by intertwining technological innovation and sustainability. Under his guidance, the Saphira & Ventura group has made significant strides in the creative industry over the past 20 years, with its art galleries, marketing, and tech ventures. The group has notably adopted Web3 technologies and sustainability initiatives.


Art-Tech Fusion Using WEB3 & Cryptocurrency

Situated at the cutting-edge confluence of art and technology, our initiative seeks to attract investors and curate unparalleled sponsorship avenues across the US and beyond. Our spectrum of influence encompasses the world of museums, collectibles, sports aficionados, entertainment, cultural immersion, and sustainable endeavors. By harnessing the capabilities of WEB3 technology, we are primed to orchestrate value-centric loyalty programs, designed to augment sponsor outreach and catalyze accelerated traction and sales opportunities. 

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